1. What is Battery Storage?

In simple terms, battery storage systems store electricity from the grid or from local generation systems (e.g. solar, wind or CHP) to discharge when required. This can be for consumption on your site when National Grid rates are expensive to save money; or for selling back to the grid for financial gains.

2. How does my organisation benefit?

  • Earn money from demand-side response mechanisms
  • Save money through tariff arbitrage
  • Improve resilience and security of electricity supply
  • Reduce carbon emissions through better use of local generation
  • 3. What is the ETL Framework?

    It is a unique UK-wide, free-to-access framework that is fully public sector compliant – helping you to fast-track your battery storage solution through pre-procured suppliers.

    The framework is flexible, meaning you can procure and implement a tailored solution for your organisation. By using the framework you will also benefit from continued technical and contractual support from our specialist team.

    4. Can you help with funding?

    Yes – part of our service is to answer your funding questions and guide you through the process. We will discuss funding options with you to find the best fit for your organisation. There are lots of options; from capital purchase to storage-as-a-service, dept finance or ESCO model. Our six pre-qualified suppliers can tailor financing solutions allowing you to pick the most suitable.

    5. What are the procurement options?

    We offer three options for procurement through the ETL Framework:

  • Direct award (if below the OJEU value limit)
  • Multi-quote (you can include quality questions if you wish to)
  • Mini-competition (run by you or by us)
  • 6. Can I include related technologies?

    Absolutely. Our framework is designed to facilitate procurement of both battery storage systems and related technologies such as solar or electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Our pre-qualified suppliers can all provide proposals for a variety of configurations. If you are unsure, we can guide the initial conversations.

    7. Is the ETL Framework only available to public sector organisations?

    Our framework was primarily set up to fast-track procurement for the public sector. However, private sector organisations are encouraged to benefit from our experience and pre-qualified supply chain.

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