Battery Storage Framework

ETL runs a Battery Storage framework that supports public sector clients to procure battery storage solutions to help reduce fixed and variable charges.

Our fully public sector compliant framework is comprised of trusted suppliers who generate savings by reducing Triad, DUoS and Capacity Market charges, and utilise grid incentives such as Firm Frequency Response (FFR).

Benefits of Battery Storage:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Reduce carbon
  • Generate revenues
  • Complement existing renewable energy schemes
  • Provide stand-by or emergency power

Benefits of working with ETL:

  • Free to use UK-wide framework
  • Option for direct-award or mini-competition
  • Unique financing options
  • Flexible approach
  • Enables inclusion of related technologies
  • Support services, such as ongoing maintenance and operations


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Battery Storage explained – we have compiled a list of FAQs about battery storage.