It has been another busy year for Essentia as we continue to support our clients to deliver complex projects. There is high demand for our healthcare planning skills and as a result we need to grow the team.

What is healthcare planning?

Healthcare planning is integral to developing world class health care. We work with organisations to improve the way services are delivered by creating high quality environments that are clinically and financially sustainable. That could be developing new patient pathways in highly pressurised areas like emergency care or looking at how a health system might work across a larger geography so that there is the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

We integrate a range of disciplines to deliver our solutions, using international best practice and big data to respond to a rapidly changing environment. Our projects range from supporting the design phase of a new children’s hospital in Dublin, to capacity and utilisation reviews for a number of UK healthcare providers and developing the briefs for major acute hospital developments in the UK and overseas. Our commissions include strategic estate master planning and re-designing patient flows using LEAN principles to drive performance and efficiencies.

Adding value

Within one of the largest dedicated healthcare planning teams in the UK, our backgrounds include architecture, finance, clinical, informatics and NHS management and operations. We have a deep understanding of what is needed to ensure strategic decisions have the greatest impact on productivity, cost effectiveness and patient experience.

Solving Problems

While no two projects are the same – delivering transformational change in healthcare gives us a chance to use our wealth of experience to help make a difference, collaborating on problems and pinpointing the strategies needed to improve environments and bring about a positive change. Everyone has a genuine passion for what they do in improving services.


Organisations enjoy working with us as we work with our clients every step of the way. A high proportion of our projects are repeat business. We value curiosity and believe in continuous learning, improvement and finding new ways to make a difference.

We need you

To meet increasing demand for our services, we need more people to work on exciting projects.

We value creative thinkers and have a culture to support good ideas, if you can help to influence change in others we would like to hear from you.

If you are interested, please contact Michelle Hartin

For more information, visit our career page